Friday, November 21, 2014

The Whites Over-looking Blacks To Feel O.K. Are Racist

- The Crack Emcee, yesterday, chatting up the racists at Althouse

Mary Elizabeth Williams, yesterday, explaining why I talk to people like I do on Althouse (including Ann)

- Sullivan High School principal Jennifer Schmidt, in Salon, explaining her first thoughts when her white students used blackface for a school performance


  1. I guess in Barack Obama's case it is his white side that compelled him to sell out black Americans last night. Because couldn't those jobs illegals take go to black Americans? Especially with an unemployment rates for black Americans so high.

    1. "Sell out black Americans"? Gee, I remember the GOP trying to do that first with hispanics (Hello, Ted Cruz), but now they're soooo concerned about blacks AFTER they lost the chance. Why don't you? Oh yeah: that wouldn't fit the new we-care-so-much narrative no black believes, because we remember what you said (even as you choose to conveniently sweep the party's previous desires to sell us out under the rug).

      Just racist, racist, racist behavior to the core.

      I was talking to my Mexican friend, Hector, and he said MLK predicted Obama - and you - would behave like this,...

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