Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Joseph Smith's And J. Edgar Hoover's Obsessions: The Week America's Ugly History Got Some Fresh Air

Oh yes, he is such an embarrassment - from MLK to N.W.A.

How long have I been writing on Joseph Smith now? Who knows. It's been years. But it didn't have to be, except for the fact I live in a place where - as the release of J. Edgar Hoover's "suicide" letter to MLK proves - protecting the truth about evil (white) men, and the evil of the nation they built, is practically white America's special national endeavor.

So, instead, we've gotten silly exposes (that some idiots, like Ann Althouse, find "Fascinating!") on how Smith's legacy carries on as a Mormon "family" tradition, all without mentioning (or anyone caring to discover) LDS women cheated on their husbands to have sex with Smith. And woe be unto anyone who challenged the cult's regularly-scheduled lies. Your name is mud, thanks to the cowards who make up the bamboozled citizenry of this place, always at the ready to attack the truth-seekers - and tellers.

And what are we to think of the claim "Hoover,...has become almost universally reviled,” when it's his name that sits atop the entrance to the F.B.I. headquarters? Simply another lie, in a string of them, so long, it's almost anti-climactic to discover how wrong it all is. How wrong America is. How practically everything about this place, just,...wrong.

Anyway, I know what I think of it:

Getting it right, by everyone finally knowing the truth and getting on the same page, is - clearly - the challenge of our time,...

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