Monday, November 10, 2014

Ann Althouse's Kid Keeps On Revealing He Was Raised With An Extremely Limited Sense Of Racial Awareness

The president's a little too comfortable in his skin - for some people

John Althouse Cohen (and his mom) used to be big on comparing the fight for gay marriage to the black Civil Rights Movement, because it suited Cohen's purposes as a gay man. But then, once that battle was won, he abruptly switched to referring to blacks - who call bullshit on white's adoption of "colorblind" racism - racists ourselves. Now he reveals who, in his mind, is "normal" and who is not - and the breakdown is as obvious as I'd expect:

So, Obama isn't "normal" - he's black - but Cohen and "most people I know" (presumably other "colorblind" whites) are like Romney: "stilted and awkward and overly calculating." (Try putting that on a dating site,...)

Anything but "normal" - as blacks understand the term - you know: graceful, comfortable with ourselves as people, and so honest we try not to pull anything over on others. My take on this reading?

John Althouse Cohen is just sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.

Seriously, when white supremacy is finally exposed for the insidious evil it is today, we're all still going to be left with the problem of white supremacist's seriously dangerous mental problems - and, especially, who has them - being exposed as well. Just like at the end of the Civil War.

And whites, today, are going to HATE that as much as they did the last time.

And then the backlash against that will be black's new white problem to deal with.

Watch - it's coming,...

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  1. This is hilarious! You're very creative in your ability to make up these things about me. I don't know where you come up with this stuff. Of course, I'm confident anyone who's interested in seeing what I really said will read my post and realize that it's nothing like what you've said.