Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bringing It Home (When Bill Cosby No Longer Has One)

Who agreed with Bill Cosby politically and follows the "teachings" of a guy with a 14 year old wife?

All I have to look at is two Pew Research Center polls, one saying:

And another saying:

And I get confused what the Right's arguing over.

To Bill Cosby this is a brown photo, but it looks like Michael Brown to me

Dr. King specifically mentioned “the unspeakable horrors of police brutality” as something blacks must live with - and something we’d stopped being satisfied with - in his “I Have A Dream” speech.

Wash, rinse, repeat: Bill Cosby's guide to success

And yet, no matter what “unspeakable horrors” they know blacks are living with, there is still an expectation to - let’s say your family’s being torn apart by the larger culture - endure it with 1963's nobel stoicism; an almost-inhuman calm, for (this is rich) the sake of the majority’s shaky nerves while they further assess us for possible signs of dignity.

If Bill Cosby jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?

The same folk who now knows they just freaked-the-fuck-out and called the first black president an “incompetent” because he wouldn’t lose his head over a single American death from ebola from Africa.

Misunderstandings aren't as common when Bill Cosby's putting his hands on you

They also got the Benghazi thing wrong - while loudly criticizing Obama for (what else?) “incompetence.”

You gotta believe it'll all be fine in the end,...Bill Cosby's been orchestrating

They, unnecessarily, made even that black man’s life infinitely more difficult, but - looking at the upside - they also got to be heard offering uninformed solutions to a non-existent dilemma, so yeah, let's hear it again for life in my never-ending NewAge America.

Visualizing the Left and Right, together, in a single physical form - after Bill Cosby 

Racially, we’re really "making progress" now:

And TMR's coming totally full-circle,...

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