Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Althouse: Punishing Truth Seekers (For Fun And Profit)

Some answers will only work for white folks

- Ann Althouse, admitting she's a liar, "for humorous or shocking effect" - that she'll ban you for, if you're shocked, and not humored

Mascara doesn't help

The biggest problem with liars is you can never know where they stand. This is a big reason I can't deal with many women: everything about them is a lie, starting with wearing make-up, which might as well be worn "for humorous or shocking effect" because - once you see their real faces - "shock" is a very real possibility.

Applied to blogging, it works

So is Ann a political moderate? Don't know - can't trust her to tell the truth. Remember "it's time to panic"? She was playing with us. Toying with us, for kicks. Or clicks. Her support for Scott Walker - who she quotes often? No idea. John Althouse Cohen's claims that gay marriage was like the black Civil Rights Movement? Who knows. Black people? Ha! Our troubles bow before politically expedient lies. And liars.

No one knows what any white person thinks

We was only playin'!

Ye Old Bait-and-Switch. Like South Carolina whites electing a black guy, who they know has no interest in black people, in order to prove whites are "colorblind" - which, as Tim Scott proves, they aren't. They just find the juiciest candidate and support him often deliberately out of context or with intent to misdirect for humorous or shocking effect. Poor black people. We won't be able to tell. Blacks to be played with. Or angered. Or whatever white people want to do with us. It's all in fun! If we're desperate for relief from whites, that's our problem. It's black's responsibility to figure out what to do - and do with them. They're not ashamed to operate that way.

The history of American racism - it was all just for some white lady's kicks 

What country is this again? What's it stand for? Don't be bothered if you don't know. The confusion is deliberate. It's the key to it's success - and whites. Blacks can say we've faced 400 years of white oppression, and whites come back with that happened 400 years ago. White's integrity means nothing to most of them. It's up to blacks to figure out if individual whites are sincere about anything. Our desperation for allies is merely part of the game.

Two other civil rights giants - with a wine box

It's truly no wonder whites suffering Alzheimer's is so common. So much deception. So much time fooling themselves. While thinking they're fooling others. And then the charade of being surprised no one trusts them.

Whatever happens from misunderstanding, it was black's mistake, not white's

It's enough to drive anyone mad,...

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