Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What I Think (Now That Meade Has TMR A "Hate Site")

TMR obviously needs a better class of white friends - like Stephen Colbert

I swear, call out whites for their racism - even friends - and they'll say just about anything. 

All of America's racism is coming from space apparently

Check out Meade from Althouse:

Oblivious white people - angry to be made aware of themselves - are the worst

Now mind you: that's the only positive mention of Althouse, and integrity, you'll ever see in the history of Ann or her blog. 

To whites, this was always a photo of "lazy" folks who "didn't want to work" - truth!

And Meade knows that, so he's just decided to compound her racism with a little protective layer of his own, since the Althouse blog has an all-white audience over there, that will suck it all up like blood. 

Blacks sense racism like gays use "gaydar"

How do I know? 

Racism manifests itself, for whites, as "normalcy"

Meade's words are out of J. Edgar Hoover's playbook:

Funny: Jon Stewart doesn't regularly say stupid and/or offensively racist shit

It works (on whites) like a charm. But whites always have to watch out, when attacking blacks for telling the truth, because the truth's a really weird needle to thread:

Dissing blacks, in front of an all-white audience, isn't risking much - right now

Only when whites realize they're the problem - and their lies are only one part of it - will we eventually get somewhere, BUT,....

Later, though, the whole thing will be exposed for what it really is

...Making blacks wait, for whites to wise up,...well, since they're actually (and actively) toying with black's lives:

That's a racist act in itself,...


  1. Rather than labeling all whites racists, why don't you sit back and realize that Meade is a liar, a douchbag and his out to get you. You have managed to completely alienate yourself from the world.

    It ain't race.

  2. And I don't discount your starting premise that there is racism. Hell, that is a universal given throughout human history. What I find sad is your decent into victimhood. You are better than that.

  3. Then again, aren't you in some dysfunctional unhealthy relationship with Ann and Meade? You do a racial dance for them, they slap you around, and then they toss you some coins (or some blog traffic). You are part of their hypocrisy.