Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Place With A Short History Don't Need Long Answers

I'm still thinking about Barbara Bowman's pleas for understanding - in the face of public opposition. 

I don't hear even a hint of appreciation (for a black man sticking up for her) here - only a charge of societal sexism - why?

Because what Bowman's obviously left out is this place's racial politics (along with the sexism that was just-as-obviously used) in her This Is America mix: it was, specifically, a black man's criticism of respectability politics (which conservative whites endorsed, hiding behind Cosby, and Charles Barkley) that added weight to Bowman's rape allegations. 

Hannibal Buress put Bill Cosby in the rogues gallery to defend blacks who get beat up for living the country's truths. 

It was comedy, yes, but Bowman got lucky Buress cared - about justice - to stay-on-point and combat real ills for everyone. Even she doesn't care:

First, no - it's not you, but America, who should be "grateful" - because the media will gladly swap a sex-charged Bill Cosby feeding frenzy over Buress' larger discussion of white supremacy, any day. 

Hannibal Buress' real point (which wasn't Cosby’s sex crimes but the hollowness of his, and white's, political arguments in regards to blacks) is already forgotten, and the real powers that be are more-than-happy to keep it that way.

"Please," they say, "talk about Mr. Cosby as long as you like,..."

Yawn, been there-done that. If murder don't move 'em, mere rape ain't. Think O.J.Ann Althouse posted this Bob Dylan line today, thinking she's being a Nazi-cute law professor here, maybe:

Welcome to a land whose values are based on slavery, Ms. Bowman. Where assholes are mostly trying to make money. There was no money in "you" - until now - that's your short answer. Don't dare conform to actually giving a shit about people. Standing against giving a shit - that's the ticket. Tre cool. Some Americans practically consider it their natural cultural evolution.

You nailed it: looked behind the curtain - nothing's there.

Discovered "America" in all it's glory,...

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