Friday, November 14, 2014

Ta-Nehisi Coates Has A Message For The Black Folks

I'll never be him - but the guy he writes about

Contrary to everything whites have said over the years, in the last two weeks we've finally learned A) the government supported thousands of Nazis in America B) J. Edgar Hoover helped smear the name of the only white woman to die in The Civil Rights Movement C) he also harassed Martin Luther King, and D) the Mormon "church" confirmed Joseph Smith and his Mormon followers are some pretty sick puppies.

All as I've said, or predicted, in the face of serious push-back. I've learned to expect no acknowledgment of it. Then I kinda get this:

Of course it is. I don't doubt it - I have facts to cling to - and that pisses off the patriots, of all stripes, even more: that I am only humble before that for which it is required.

And this world - constructed from "little white lies" - just don't cut it,...

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