Friday, November 7, 2014

History's The Mystery White Americans Hold Near/How Can They Be Our Nazis? And Why Act Like That Here?

Push 'Em Back, Push 'Em Back, Waaaay Back!

There's a reason so many white Americans prefer "patriotism a la carte" and Jon Stewart laid it out pretty well last night:

"Comedy is NOT pretty" - Steve Martin

You see, without context, whites can lose it, and declare "it's time to panic" one day - and then call themselves political moderates the next - because they know few will turn to history and call them on their bullshit. Consider this quote from Althouse today:

Catcalling men started the whole "smile" thing, too

Now consider this quote posted yesterday:

See the disconnect? 

Go back a little further on this "Commander In Chief" problem:

Bill O'Reilly says whites are scared

Pretty effective "theatre" of "reticence" if "the ISIS fighters are confused and don’t know where to go," huh? No, because remember, before today - absent history - Obama hasn't been doing any of it. Which is why whites won the midterms, or so they say. 

There's a long history here - and not even close to an old one

Obama says it's because nothing works. I say it's because whites were being deliberately dishonest , but that's just me. Actually, it's not just me, but anyone who actually follows the news and not the hype:

…And Ernst isn’t the only one. The reporting on the extremist politics of Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Thom Tillis of North Carolina among others was likewise very short on details about their political philosophies.

The Right said The Daily Show held an unfair advantage to swing elections - another lie

Again, unfortunately, we've got to go back to Jon Stewart for this last election's historical context:

The lunatics have taken over the asylum

So what's that all about, white people? Your much-ballyhooed policies? What are your policies, by the way?

That's a quote from The New York TimesEric Lichtblau, who's been writing about how American whites, all by their lonesome, allowed 1,000 members of The Third Reich to live in the U.S.. Another part of our history that throws context over much of what I've written, since this blog started, on the Nazi's cultural influence I've personally witnessed in this sea of white American patriotism. 

This is what made the Nazis so terrifying, but you know that

Of course, few whites have noticed, because of what Ta-Nehisi Coates called "something that any student of white supremacy in America will recognize—a strong propensity toward national amnesia". So strong, as my quotes from Ann Althouse show, whites will happily forget what they said or did a week ago, much less, what what they did over the last 20, 30, 50, 100, or 400 years, as long as it suits their we're-so-white-supremacist-we-can-let-Nazis-live-here-while-refusing-and-abusing-blacks agenda. Compare that with what the so-called "Evil Empire" did to the Nazis they had in their care:

Learning to cope with cowardice

And they're supposed to be the bad guys? Wow. Welcome to Liberty City. Or Cognitive Dissonance City. AKA the American reality.

The look you get when you realize whites can and will, literally, do anything to you

Notice how there wasn't a peep when I wrote of a business I started "repeatedly using skin heads to chase me away" in an act of pure plunder, but whites now expect me to feel something when a white gets potentially abused by blacks fighting for my rights. The hypocrisy of white supremacy is simply exhausting.

Whites would rather pay yoga instructors, to "learn" this, than pay reparations 

 If whites are now the ones also confused, by black's yawn of a reaction to the midterms, they've got to understand we've seen the homeless kicked many times before. 6 to 1. And even two Tom roll-outs - with a voter suppression campaign in full effect. Whoo-hoo for you. Big man. The Nazis got Jews to handle the dead, too. Ask your German friends. Or consult our history:

It should be mandatory to salute while standing on your head

White supremacy is what this place has always been about,...

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