Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mission Accomplished: Better Go Find Some Breakfast

White memes are everywhere whites want them - by design

I was going to write about how the main advice I get from white conservatives online - to do what white conservatives do - is basically a plea to believe lies that make black lives more difficult. Plus, since blacks basically despise white's long history of lying and discrimination, it's also a mind-bending suggestion.

But, then, it also immediately occurred to me that white conservatives are proud to declare they don't care if they believe lies that make black's lives more difficult - and whites, historically and generally, will rationalize permissions for themselves to actively hurt anyone who thinks and says different - so there's not much need to mention it. Blacks know white supremacy's landscape.

And so, since that's how it works - and I've thought it through - I guess I'm done with what white conservatives say to do, for the day,...

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