Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Republicans Decide (The Republicans Are Insane)

Power bought with black's stolen money + crazy = white's "happiness" 

 Ann Althouse and Meade will be over-joyed to hear this assessment of their political acumen, I'm sure:

 That not a single defender of the previous insanity has retracted their claims is how you know you can always trust what Right-Wing supporters have said,...


  1. Also rather stunning is the way that a complete vindication of the White House is somehow constructed out of these conclusions. Susan Rice was either lying or she was wrong. Neither possibility paints the administration in a very competent light. And if there was a failure of intelligence, how does that clear the White House? The last time I checked the CIA reports to the Director of Intelligence who, in turn, reports directly to the President… or has that changed? A better translation of this hopeful sounding article would be to say that the report cleared the political arm of Obama’s team of any wrongdoing, while allowing him to throw his intelligence team under the bus.

    But if these findings stand the test of time, some of the worst possibilities may have been eliminated, with deliberate coverups being replaced by run of the mill government incompetence. That’s still a rather big if, however, because the committee report directly contradicts the testimony of several key figures in the events of that night. For now, though, it’s what we have.

    I want the truth to come out. If this is the truth, so be it. I hope the same can happen with the IRS mess too.

  2. Republicans tell you you're nuts - you still want the truth to come out:

    Definition of a nutjob conspiracy theorist.

    Take off the tinfoil hat, man - and the Klan robes, too,...

  3. Klan robes?

    You are telling me it was nuts to question what happened in Benghazi? Given how this administration has lied and obstructed justice repeatedly?

    That is fucking bullishit and the Crack I knew would have said so. Don't know what happened to you.

  4. And it is not racist to question Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else in his administration about their actions and performance (there was certainly lots of people questioning Bush about his performance). Because Benghazi was a fucking disaster, even if it turns out to be more about incompetence than malice (on the part of our government).