Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If You're Black And Conservatives Like You: Looks Bad

This would look bad, anyway - without Bill's white conservative supporters - but with them? He'll be lucky if he's got any black fans left soon, because - when it comes to their mutual insistence on respectability politics - this episode can prove exactly why most blacks don't have a feel for it: whites are saying a person, or a situation, can be as unethical as can be, but - like Captain Phillips - it'll be "all good" if you put a happy face on the ugly lie. You know:

Like whites have done, pretty much, with all of American history,...


  1. So Bill Cosby is in trouble because white conservatives like him? Shit, that witch Joy Behar would just back off if Rush Limbaugh was not out there supporting Cosby.

    Fuck, how to the Koch Brothers pull this off?

  2. It is also white women who are accusing Cosby of rape. Man, the conspiracy against the black man never stops. The white conservative males must be in on it (or maybe their misogyny trumps their racism). Either way, win win for MSNBC, the View, and the left.