Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jon Stewart Is Making A List Of Innocent Things Black People Do That Look Suspicious To Police And Right Wing Media While Loudly Insisting They're Not Racist

As Stewart reads the list, and you can hear the naysayers claiming Jim Crow's not true, add in a little context:

Awww, but that was back when the cops were slave catchers and whatnot. It's the difference between those two lists (who drinks from a whiskey flask anymore?) that police, and their conservative brethren in the media, demand blacks salute - as whites "making progress".

And,yes - no matter how long it takes for whites to get there - blacks are supposed to be happily! buying their bullshit, while waiting for this progress to arrive (sooooome day) and whites continue pulling this shit, facing nothing worse than a few jokes being made on cable.

Pull my fucking finger,...

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