Saturday, November 22, 2014

Racist Whites Don't Think Yesterday Has Ever Existed

In 1814, when blacks were the most expensive property in America, whites supposedly loved those they forced to wear rags.


In 2014, when blacks are worth nothing after the destruction of slavery, whites hate us and complain it's about how we dress.

In 2011, whites had "a Golden Opportunity to Win the Latino Vote," and wanted to do so - and what that did to blacks didn't matter.


In 2014, whites now say "Barack Obama Throws Black Americans Under the Bus" after winning the hispanic vote - and that's all that matters to them.

And the lesson here is:

Whites are so consumed with telling themselves (and others) their delusional lies, they think people dedicated to studying history will also forget whatever they'd previously said and done.

And that's a losing strategy,...


  1. It is all the republicans. Sorry Crack, you have fully decended in hackdom.

    I fully understand the hypocrisy of business leaders who want amensty and cheap labor for their businesses (at the detriment of American native born labor of all races, but especially to the detriment of black labor). I also understand Democrats whose sole motivation is trying to get more voters to support Democrats (via the promise of more social programs). It is a recipe for fiscal disaster.

    Truth is Obama and the Democrats are throwing blacks under the bus, because they have 95% of their vote and want to get a big slice of the Latino vote.

  2. BTW, tell me what you seek in reparations. I have asked you several times, but you dodge the question every time. So what will it take? And how do you propose reparations work?

    Just curious what your plan is.