Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Blacks Laugh At Conservatives - Explained In One Photo Of An Angry White Man Displaying His Ignorance

Just the fact he's proud of wearing this is enough to keep blacks in stitches all day

So let's break down what's so hilarious here: 

 1. Obama is a socialist. This cracks us up because - after 400 years of blacks being on the bottom of every measurable scale in America - to think we would agree democracy is an absolutely wonderful system is, well, crazy. 

2. Obama is a fraud. Unlike this gentleman, who probably has never noticed that - even though blacks have been here since before this was a country - his supposedly-enlightened nation can't be credible without ever having elected a black to the top office before now. 

3. Obama is a liar. Unlike the slave-owning rapist who wrote "All Men Are Created Equal," and our "honest" school system that didn't teach black history, a media that still leaves black history out of the context of broadcasts, and a white population that loses it at black history's mere mention because whites look bad.

4. Obama is a racist bigot. Because we know how informed on, and how much whites have done to fix, the race problem they created in this country - including reparations for all the free work (and rape and murder) during 250 years of slavery, all the taxes paid to whites (along with the rape and murder) during the 100+ years of discrimination under Jim Crow, and so much more (including massive amounts of rape and murder).

This guy is a walking billboard for everything that's wrong with this place - but let's give him this:

He's fun-ny on Facebook!!!!

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