Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Clearly, the worst thing that's happened to me recently (besides my back problems and the financial hole it's landing me in) is a bunch of white conservatives trying to make me break with black people, because those conservatives feel put-upon (over this Trayvon bullshit) when they're too chicken shit to defend themselves to other blacks since they're afraid to be called racists.

I'm sick of it.

Black conservatives have to catch all their shit AND the stupid shit our black friends say.

It appears white conservatives are only aware of white bullshit when liberals deliver it.

Then, white conservatives know all about how hard it is to be a black conservative.

But let a black conservative speak about white conservatives and they, too, become a pit of vipers.

A black conservative, trying to navigate between these two insane, race-obsessed sides can't win.

Nobody really wants to be reasonable.

I try to love everybody, but nobody's making it easy, and whites won't tackle the main issue:
As we think about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, we’re reminded of something National Urban League Director Whitney Young said during that event in 1963: “The hour is late. The gap is widening.” Young was referring to the prosperity gap between blacks and whites. Fifty years later, that large gap remains. 
On average, white families have six times the wealth of black and Hispanic families. So for every $6.00 a white family has in wealth, black and Hispanic families have only about $1.00 (e.g., $632,000 vs. $103,000). If we look at the typical, or median, family, the wealth values are lower (e.g., $123,800 vs. $15,700), but the ratio is larger: 8 to 1.

Sorry but - right now - all I can say is, that didn't happen by accident, and "Fuck All Y'all" for it.

White and black.

And I'll also remind white conservatives of one other thing:

No matter what criticisms I have of him, MLK never reminds me of the racists of old, like a bunch of angry race-obsessed white conservatives do,...

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