Friday, August 9, 2013

Let's Look Around At The Conservative Blogosphere, I

I just peeked over at the Instapundit, and here are the first three posts I see:
THE END OF LOCKSMITHS? Photograph Your House Key With This App, Then Print A Copy Anywhere. 
AT AMAZON, hot new releases. Updated every hour. Plus, Amazon is now selling Fine Art. Getcher Chagalls, Dalis, and Warhols online!  
TEST-DRIVING the 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco R.
And - compared to what I'm writing about - conservatives think he's politically important, why, again?

Oh yeah:

He makes them feel smart - while taking their money and losing elections,...


  1. Most people are stupid. Well, most people do not want to be in the cross hairs of group think. I'm willing to be there for a really good cause, which invariably means someone is getting fucked over by a group that has lost its sense of fairness.

    I've got a story, for you Crack, that you might like. As near as I can tell, its true.

  2. My wife's friend, and maid of honor, took her boyfriend to an Oakland football game. She's a short Mexican (quite attractive, catholic, and a virgin), and she took her white boyfriend with her.

    In the restroom (why is it always the restroom), he was mugged by a black and his wallet stolen. The tiny five foot hispanic woman stood up in front of blacks, and asked them why they weren't helping. And weren't they everything society says they were because they would not help. The wallet came back minus 35 dollars.

    I'm always amazed by this story. Yes, the money didn't come back, but the wallet did, and this small woman appealed to the morals of a massive group of hostile people. She won by her appeal to basic human dignity. We all have it. Even the bastards who subjugated blacks into slavery knew they were people: shit they raped them. You can't rape a pig or a dog. You are disgusting. They raped these women because they were beautiful women, and they knew it.