Sunday, August 4, 2013

Niggas Are Sick Of Whites Saying We Must Be Humble

This is why they hate Rap - the message:

If you want to be yoga-and-meditation mediocrities, be that, but don't put it on us. 

I've mentioned this, so many times, it's exhausting to even see it in print. The way NewAgers try to kill our dreams, our opinions, our flow - and still expect acceptance and obedience. And I say this knowing it will only piss off my "friends" (who refuse to hear anybody but themselves): 

No black person has ever said "be humble" to me. 

It's obvious we can't be worried anymore. Shit can travel both ways. Go join an ashram somewhere. That's all most of you are "trained" for anyway.

Me? I'm still reaching for real,... 

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