Friday, August 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time, In A Crackhouse Far, Far, Away,...

Above is the opening track from The Big Lowensky: Crackhouse Hits From The Clinton Era (1999) a critically acclaimed mixtape retrospective of my work during the Big Dawg's term.

I started making mixtapes in the early '90s (when no one else was doing them) as a outlet for some musical and cultural ideas I'd been pursuing with my friend, Henry Flood (fellow percussionist from our first popular band, The Beatnigs). Our recording project, Blackmail, got sidetracked but I kept going wherever that music, and current events, led.

It was a pretty intense time.

I mainly made the tapes for my friends, and fellow artists, but The Big Lowensky caught someone's attention during my stint as vocalist for the Broun Fellinis (1994) and - pow - I had a solo career.

I haven't thought about The Big Lowensky in years, and - because the songs are racial - probably never would've played them again. But, since everybody's lost their mind over Trayvon, and Bill & Hill and Monica are all back in the news, AND because I'm teaching myself to make YouTube videos during this down time (and need songs to try out) The Big Lowensky is once again free to terrorize a whole new political generation. (I've also got an album called Newt Hates Me around here somewhere,...)

What I'm saying, TMR readers, is you're about to (finally) enter the world of Crackhouse Music!

Prepare to get weird.

Since I'm making these videos now, I've decided to start with Big Lowensky songs, and then move forward or back to other releases, as a kind of build-up to my new material. (I'll eventually put up whole albums as I get better with the software. Let others hear them if you'd like.) If there's lyrics, I'd suggest expanding the YouTube videos (by clicking the square, bottom right) and, I think, all my earlier work is appreciated better in headphones (because that's how I made it). YMMV. That's it:



  1. Cool. I see FB sharing in my future.


  2. I like the Thank Y'all, but the KKKrack Rockkk's got a lot of cool shit going on in it.