Monday, August 12, 2013

This Photo's Surely From Someone As Patriotic As I Am

Despite what some think, once taken seriously, race arguments are compelling:
"Superstitions about black animals can be deadly."
I mean, it rarely gets mentioned, but I will tell you from experience:

It sucks to be the 13th floor on the elevator of your country's life,...

Relying on a complex statistical analysis presented at trial, Judge Scheindlin found that the racial composition of a census tract played a role in predicting how many stops would occur. 
She emphasized what she called the “human toll of unconstitutional stops,” noting that some of the plaintiffs testified that their encounters with the police left them feeling that they did not belong in certain areas of the cities. She characterized each stop as “a demeaning and humiliating experience.” 
“No one should live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the activities of daily life,” the judge wrote. During police stops, she found, blacks and Hispanics “were more likely to be subjected to the use of force than whites, despite the fact that whites are more likely to be found with weapons or contraband.”
Let's see, there's a "human toll" on minorities that's been "demeaning and humiliating" - and included "fear" and "force" - while law enforcement officers let whites with "weapons or contraband" go free.

Yes, after Rodney King, I can clearly see why so many Americans say Jim Crow's over and enough's been done,...


  1. It's true; I've seen the shelter thing for myself...and did I ever tell you about the time my husband got followed for 10 miles by the KY state boys, when he went down there with my mom's SUV?
    My mom, having a very unique name...everyone who saw it and not her thought she must be a black/ethnic mixed man (and since, you know, the ethnic mix expected of being involved...hey, gotta be a mobster).


  2. And yeah, the other goes completely against the notion of "equal under the law" -- and it doesn't even work either, so no defense of it really.

    I'm a conservative, and that means I believe in upholding the rule of law...and one of the laws is that everyone is treated equally under it (if stop and frisk works, then fine, but subject more than just one group of people to it...probably catch more criminals that way; goodness knows most of the meth makers and dealers where I'm at are not sporting 'fros or weaves).