Saturday, August 3, 2013

TMR's Dumb & Useless Conversation About Race, Pt. V

It seems, no matter how often I openly criticize certain blacks (or certain black behaviors) and/or side with the George Zimmerman's of the world, there's a segment of America who won't be happy unless I completely abandon the black American narrative for the new and improved American narrative they've come up with. I know it's not like me, but I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Have you heard the new and improved American narrative? I'm also not sure if I've got it all myself, but it posits, nothing that's happened racially in this country, up until the actual date of my specific birth, has had any effect on me and mine, and it was just Democrats anyway so shut up, be happy, and help Republicans string popcorn for Mitt.

(It appears I'd already opted out, last year, before the talking points had been approved.) 

The new and improved American narrative also says if there WAS an effect on me and mine - even if it was exclusively Democrats and keeping in mind the horrors of serfs and the Irish Potato Famine - America has thought long and hard and discovered, in it's wisdom, there's "no recourse" for anything, anywhere, ever, in any time frame, but especially not in what NewAgers would call The Now.

It's silly to even talk about, of course, because THERE WAS NO EFFECT. Based solely on the color of our skin, blacks just can't accept (or are too stupid to comprehend) a coinkadink of history that, right under the words "All Men Are Created Equal," gave whites the money and power while the prisons and graveyards got the black males. (They were - all - the "bad eggs," you know?) And speaking of we black males, the new and improved American narrative also says don't have any particular affection for the current crop who haven't made it into prison, because those black males A) make a show of not feminizing B) focus almost exclusively on making money, and C) for some apparently unknown reason, insist on the right to openly crow "Fuck you" to the world.

The new and improved American narrative says these particular black males, too, are really, really stupid and horrible (but extremely influential) examples - and America can't have that.

Unfortunately, like Democrat claims Eric Holder is fair or Michelle Obama is beautiful, you have to be really smart to grasp the new American narrative. Which, I guess, is what really bothers me:

They KNOW my dumb ass was just getting a handle on the old one,...

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