Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ann Althouse Is Full Of Shit: The Root Says Wisconsin Is # 1 For Being "The 5 Worst States For Black People"

She ain't raising up anything - including your dick

In 2014, it's chilling to think that - rather than actually visiting a region of the United States - by merely participating on a (self-proclaimed) "moderate" law professor's blog, a black person can know it's ideas originate from a place where racism is "so bad it should get ranked twice," but there Wisconsin is:

From Ann Althouse's many photos of the state - that feature no black people - to her early hook-up with the racist Instapundit, to her late endorsement of smiling Scott Walker's Jim Crow tactics, to her recent claim "it's time to panic" over Matt Drudge's bogus ebola scare (associating politics and blacks with death and disease - a position she never retracted and her racist readers gobbled whole) and especially considering the promotion of her silly gay son's late-in-the-election reverse-racism screed (and despite her brain-dead protests that a black person couldn't detect what life was like there for other blacks) I've never had a doubt Wisconsin, as represented by the Althouse blog, was a racial Hell Hole. How could it not be, when even so-called "liberal" Madison's famously conservative black Sheriff said it was?

Now the nation's premier black website also says so as well.

Still wanna bet Ann Althouse - and her gaggle of racist readers - will still deny a black Race Man can accurately know anything?

It'll never occur to such "colorblind" racists, but that statement's an indication of the obliviousness (and obviousness) of Ann Althouse's racism, in itself. She's still trying to say my senses are lying to me, my knowledge of history - and white folks - is skewed. That there's something wrong with me - not the whites trying their best to wait us out, while still openly committing crimes, openly hoping blacks -and the reparations argument - die together. So long as no one points the finger at her. Well, point I will:

Honestly, when it comes to the cesspool I discovered at Althouse, racist Wisconsin couldn't have a better online representative,...

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