Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lie Away: The Fight Isn't Over Until The Struggle Stops

Forcing the poor to pay more for food - because you can afford to - is apparently sexy

Well, it appears everyone in the western world doesn't get away with being an asshat, just Whole Foods supporters:

Being out of touch, apparently, connects some whites to each other

It's so weird, how some people have to face the consequences for being wrong, and others - even law professors! - are allowed to spout idiocy and get away clean. To pay no price, either in popularity or credibility, and then can even punish those who point it out, being as cruel and deceitful as any common criminal one could encounter in a dark alley.

"The pursuit of happiness" was invented by a racist, a rapist, and slave trader - go for it!

And what's the punishment for? Well, speaking of course, but also for being enraged at the injustice. That's what those protecting evil see as the real crime - growing angry, or discombobulated, or sad:

Whites haven't done anything to blacks they didn't do to each other first

As long as the effects are hitting someone else - someone they can claim is being politically correct, or a Democrat, or whatever other totem they need - they don't care. They smile (as they're always smiling) look at their bank accounts, and make the calculation public deception is worth it. 

Being kept outside the law is how it's made

And it just might be. For a while.

Twisting MLK's words, into white's nightmare, was the ultimate betrayal
"In the fight between you and the world, bet on the world."
Frank Zappa

Things can happen when you least expect it

Sorry, Frankie, but I still ain't betting against myself (or me and mine) over anything - or anyone:

The biggest truth - still to be revealed - is how small the enemy is

We're all existing in blackness,...

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