Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ta-Nehisi Coates Says Condoleezza Rice Got It Wrong

This clip is fascinating to me, because Coates says he walked the same direction I did: trying to be the bigger man, he gave conservative thought a chance - only to discover it was hollow and cruel. And, as the self-proclaimed (and self-selected) defenders of a stereotypical American patriotism (Mom, apple pie, baseball, etc.) it's that exploration, of Republicans and their ideals, which revealed white's ignorance, and the racism embedded in America's core. 

Is the GOP racist? I'd say "sure," but no more or less than the Democrats are. It's just in a different way, because America, itself, is racist, and always has been. That's the truth of this place.

America will become a country, maybe, one day:

Whenever, and if ever, it decides to deal with it's history.

I doubt it, though - because evil reclines here so well,...

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