Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Update On The Issues (That Should Be Over By Now)

I've been trying to get out of bed lately, only to discover how easily I can hurt myself again (It's a lot like going online in that way,...). The inflammation is gone, but the bulging discs are still getting pinched, depending on how I move. I'm teaching myself to coordinate around them, within reason, but I still can't work, though my boss has assured me he's willing to wait and see if I improve. If so, because I've been such a good employee and knows what he expects, he'll make me a supervisor. 

But right now, I can't even sit for any extended period of time, so whatever.

And I now have NO money. Not a little money - NO money. I know some of you can't imagine or relate, so let me explain: 

NO change in my pockets, NO money in the bank. Stretching my meals into two, and drinking only water. There is an up-side, though:

When this is over - by NewAge standards - I'll look "healthy" and "sexy" like women today expect.

And finally, I've got my third video for you done. This one has multiple photos, and scrolling lyrics and shit, but the software that I used to make it - which came with this still-new computer - is already outdated. Somehow, because of how I got the computer, Apple says it'll take them up to two days to straighten everything out and send me an upgrade. Two days in the age of technology? Bullshit:

I think it's all because I'm black (Kidding,...)


  1. I'm sure you're all over this, but from a NY Post story about Gen. Wesley Clark's divorce: "Clark met the young paramour Mei earlier this year in Carlsbad, Calif., when they attended a symposium organized by Deepak Chopra."