Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coming Into Focus/Coming Into Focus/Now (Don't Look)

It sadly appears, once again, prisoners have better ethics than society at large:
"The kidnapper serving life in prison for abducting Elizabeth Smart has reportedly been beaten to a bloody pulp in prison. Boo hoo, right? The source is the National Enquirer, so take this how you will. But I don't see why they'd make up something so odd. Anyway, Brian David Mitchell, who abducted Elizabeth when she was 14 and spent the next nine months raping her, has been serving his time in a high security prison in Tuscon, Arizona. Apparently, he's not popular there. 
Prisoners are known to look down on child molesters and rapists, and Mitchell is both. Add to that the fact that he reportedly goes around preaching his twisted version of whatever crazy ass religion he practices, and he's just asking for trouble,..."

Yessiree, there are only three groups in America who wouldn't notice, or be upset about, creeps with crazy ass religions: 

NewAgers, Mormons (but I repeat myself) and Romney supporters.

Outside prison walls, we beat up the homeless,...

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