Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black Feminists Take On White Feminists (To Be Heard)

Illuminating quote, considering:

"Once we marginalize people out of leadership, it becomes easier to marginalize them out of all power discussions."

Am I talking about Mitt? Fuck Mitt. I'm talking about my participation in the blogosphere. Meanwhile, "Women of color" have solved that problem by creating a hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen that's zooming to the top of the Twitter feed with pointed artwork and references to how bullshit white, house-remodeling feminists are: 

"My interpretation of what happened is that because she didn't want to appear to be hypocrite, she refused to answer and kept asking more and more abstract questions about their example. When she was backed into a corner, she lashed out, suggesting that people who disagreed with her feelings were racists. Eventually, she was so upset that she began crying. Of course, at that point the possibility of civil intellectual discourse completely evaporated. 
I was also astonished by the poise with which my tablemates handled Althouse. Our companions did not raise their voices nor dismiss her (as I would have), but tried to calm her down. In fact, Althouse made the situation even more personal by yelling repeatedly at one of my dinner companions (who is also a colleague) that she was an 'intellectual lightweight' and an 'embarrassment to women everywhere.' In fact, in my opinion, with that statement Althouse had actually identified herself. Before Althouse stalked away, I asked her to apologize for that insult, but she refused."
"The two of us were having a perfectly civil conversation about the moral status of embryos. Anyway next thing I know, Ann Althouse is shouting at two of our dinner companions demanding that they prove to her (Althouse) that they are not racists! She kept asking over and over, 'How do I know that I'm not sitting at a table full of racists?' This was completely bizarre! It should go without saying, but I will say it: No one at the conference could even remotely be accused of being racist."

O.K., the artwork (except for the one above) is theirs and the quotes I put there - but they're real! Here's one of the WOC's actual Tweets:
"#solidarityisforwhitewomen when white women see this tag and still only think of what we can do for *them* and *their* feelings."

 The real "new shades of feminism" sure seem to know how white lady feminism works. Ann Althouse's spoken often of how important her feelings are to her politics and how much she admires American Idol and Girls. She's DEEP. I'm sure, with her searing insights into the race issue, Ann is headed over to Twitter immediately to set all those black women straight, as she and Meadsey regularly attempt to do with me. Usually by telling me how hurt Ann is:

Because she's so intelligent, brave, racially aware, and,...feminist.

They're also a pair of big ol' lying hypocrites, so I care,... 

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  1. At this point I wish I had twitter...because something needs to be said about the relationship between white women of a certain privledge and working class/poor white women.
    There is nothing on the face of this planet that will publicly bring out the claws of a white woman of a certain leisure class like a working class/poor white woman -- it's like some vendetta or something(personally, I think it's because they are afraid of colored chicks, but also that guilt thing...but mostly fear).
    And honestly, working class/poor whites shouldn't be hanging on their words like gospel -- just because their skin tone matches up does not mean that they are on the side of anyone but hemselves...which is the side that can buy 100K cars and then call the working class "losers", while at the same time hiding behind them when they let their inner racist show -- time to quite sticking up for them; let them fight their own battles for a change...step in the shit they by and large produced.


    * on that note I was listening to the radio to Ann Coulter getting raked over her comments concerning Ivy League vs. state college -- it's about time somebody did that to her