Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crime Is About The Con (Artist: Framing And Reframing)

Under-motherfucking-statement! This is an Understatement Alert:
“Things just got a little carried away today.”
Now, I've seen better, but - considering everything - that's playing it on the d/l pretty darned well.

In The Over-Statement Dept., I was going to site The Phantom's evil HorrorCore lyric:
"I will fuck anybody up in the worst way, rape a bitch on her birthday."

But as a Rap, not only is it clunkier than Gumby, but The Phantom's been unmasked. Please, Ladies & Gentlemen, try matching the photo above (and the way his t-shirt fits around the waist) to another of his alter ego's particularly clunky couplets:
"I’m a nasty cunt,  I will punch you in the face and you look like you’ve been having some acupuncture ’cos my fist is lethal. 
I’m a fucking hero, you’ve got fucking zero. I’m a motherfucking demon, I’ll stab you in the face with a needle."

I know all about death by placebo, but this is ridiculous,...

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