Monday, August 5, 2013

Everybody's Lining Up For A Cosmic Awakening But Us

One by one, the countries of Yurp are getting enlightened:
On Sunday, the Interior Minister [Päivi Räsänen] proposed that Finland adopt legislation like that in force in neighbouring Sweden where non-standard, alternative medicine treatments cannot be given to small children or those with serious medical conditions."

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., NewAgers are crowing:
"Alternative Treatments Could See Wide Acceptance Thanks to Obamacare"

You know where this is going:

Hide your kids...


  1. Have already had to...or at least do the "yeah, uh huh, sure, we'll certainly consider it, thank you, bye bye" -- we have a kid with autism, Jenny Mac and DR!. Michael Savage's favorite kids don't you know, and we have had some of the most insane (and sometimes crazy-evil) things encouraged upon us by people who have the authority to cause a whole lot of trouble.
    Gone are the days when a parent could feel safe telling somebody like that to go to hell. You have to navigate the minefield.


    *we are fortunate, our child is highly functioning; the parents who aren't so lucky and are doubly cursed by being in our same income bracket or lower have a much harder life; I've witnessed it, and it is at its core horrid

  2. You know what is enlightening, waking up and being objective about the world around you. To New Agers I say: Try it.