Friday, August 9, 2013

I Piss On You (If You Won't Fix What's Wrong With This)

Wait, wait, wait - this is bullshit - homeopaths world-wide claim to have already cured this:
“U.S. reports a breakthrough in malaria vaccine”
Malaria was supposedly the very first problem homeopathy cured - and homeopathy is still in our country's pharmacological medicine bag - so why do we need a "new" cure?

Because they're living a lie, that's why.

People wonder how we can get it together, in other areas of American life, when nonsense is legally allowed to exist side-by-side with reality. I'll tell you how to get the ball rolling in the right direction:

Demand a total ban on homeopathy.

It may seem unrelated to race, or anything else, but I think it's key,..

1 comment:

  1. Well yeah, because the only way to make any progress is to get rid of the con game, bullshit, magical thinking.

    Good to hear about that malaria vaccine -- that would be a big help if they come up with something that works.