Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If Hitler Had Lived (NOBODY Would Be Criticizing Them)

I hate it when people say, "You may not immediately peg the woman in yoga pants sipping Kombucha outside Whole Foods as a science-denier," because, let's face it - unlike almost everyone else on the planet - I not only suspect her, but know, she IS guilty of denying science - and much, much more - every day. She'll kill us all if she gets a chance:
You may not immediately peg the woman in yoga pants sipping Kombucha outside Whole Foods as a science-denier, but she might be. The anti-vaccination movement, which posits — in the face of overwhelming empirical research — that vaccines cause autism and other diseases, seems to be picking up steam in many of the country’s wealthier, educated enclaves where parents are interested in living “natural” lifestyles. 
“It’s a little bit cool, it’s a little bit of a trend,” says Nina Shapiro, a professor at UCLA medical school and mother of two who wrote an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times this weekend about her growing concern with the anti-vax movement. It’s certainly true of the anti-vaccination’s most prominent voices, like actress Jenny McCarthy, who was just hired to a spot on “The View,” and environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. 
“It’s that whole natural, BPA-free, hybrid car community that says ‘we’re not going to put chemicals in our children,’” Shapiro told Salon. “It’s that same idea: ‘I’m going to be pure and I want to keep my child pure.’”

Yoga, Whole Foods, wealth, education, "natural", environmentalist, hybrid cars, and purity.

Yowza! Nailed it! A-gain! As someone pointed out, wasn't a certain libertarian showing off a $100,000 Audi hybrid yesterday? It's like Mr. Climate Denier might also be following another, more virtuous script, doesn't it? He certainly likes yoga. (Never mentions the psychotic/cult part.) And doesn't that description sound like a certain feminist, too, talking about her kid? Right and wrong don't matter, or anyone else, but only the dreary deliverance of her innards? That and, lately, the beautiful interior of her home. Lotta nature walks, that woman. Oh, and fascism - I mean, feminism. They don't call them "Femi-Nazis" for nothing. What a mixture. I'm glad Salon, a left-wing rag, made it possible that I didn't have to put any effort into this post, because this has all been covered before, here, and in the anti-cult lit, "spiritually" linking whiteness, and interiors, with Naziism and NewAge:
This search for 'oneness' also very often goes along with a headlong quest for 'purity'. This is another theme of the imaginaire that 'toughens' the identitarian process and impels it more inexorably toward an episode of mass violence. To define oneself as 'pure' in fact implies categorizing some 'other' as impure. The accusation of impurity constitutes a universal accusation against the population one is going to massacre. Purity already implies a requirement of cleanliness as opposed to another catalogued as 'dirty', perceived as rubbish. Purity also contains an appeal to the sacred: the need for purification falls within the province of religion, and constitutes a powerful springboard for unleashing a purgative violence. These clich├ęs -- pure-impure, cleanliness-dirtiness, whiteness-blackness -- seem terribly crude to us. Their binary structures mirror however the elementary functioning of the human psyche in times of crisis.

And all this home redecorating right after the feminist's public attacks on innocents, and then, of course, some very-public breakdowns. There's also the loss of an unelectable weirdo these two "professors" convinced millions was in the bag. I'd call those crisis', wouldn't you? Existential, maybe? The libertarian is screaming arm yourselves while the feminist was demanding we bow down. Helpful? Don't get me started on "Trayvon" today.

Yes, the yoga, Whole Foods, wealth, education, natural, environmentalist, hybrid car, and purity people are doing us, but I can't say it's much good.

I'm sorry. That's how it looks to me today. That's how it looked yesterday.

They expect me not to notice, or remember - it's taboo to even speak:

But I knows my NewAge/Nazi mentality - and the harm it's doing - and it sucks,...

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