Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm Talkin' Black (Like Death Or Africans Or Somethin')

White Boomers in America are mostly not focused on America, they've always been focused on themselves. Which is why America's been losing in every way that matters, America. 

Everyone else is a minority, while white Boomers are a HUGE majority. We can't tell them what to do because - whites not being a single ethnic group - they can't be reasoned with. That's a fact. If anybody thinks that describes a recipe for prosperity, or anybody's sense of well-being, well:
"I have a hard time arguing with stupid people."
- Dr. Carl Hart, author of High Price (a drug tome, arguing for decriminalization) when asked if his success as a black man means America's fair or blind.

How off-course are whites? 

The men, above, could've seen better tits in any National Geographic at the time,...

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  1. My dad's family struggled to become "white" in this country -- gave up a lot of traditions/traditional thoughts from the old country to do it too (my dad got beat with a ruler at school for not speaking English; it was shitty, but no regrets -- gotta learn English to be an American, right?).
    I don't think we even need to go into detail about what his traditional self thought of women bra burners and the whole sex lib thing. But he gritted his teeth and put up with it (as well as put his ass on the line for this country)...just to be considered American.

    And then those Boomers came along and said "oh, it's just awful that you gave up your traditional ways; America is bad, bad, bad, embrace your special ethnic self" -- and by that point my dad had a wife and a kid who could hardly be considered Italian, even he was changed too much to go back to that. And that's just that part: then there was the bra burners and the sex lib and all the rest (Dad would have put dope in there too, because those motherfucking Boomers, that's all they wanted to take their clothes off in public and talk about bringing down the man, the country, whatever -- I'm paraphrasing my dad here).
    And it was not lost on my dad and his brothers, sisters, cousins (nor on my mom's family, who have some "whiteness" issues of their own) that most of those Boomers were spoiled ass wasp kids (or crazy ass non-wasp kids who just wanted to get back at Pappy and Mommi for, I don't know, working too hard and sending them to good schools and summer camps, giving them shit that they never had) who never had to worry about shit -- certainly not "making America".

    So just when my family got there, had finally arrived...those fucking Boomers changed the goalposts and the rules; after all that -- and some mighty crazy requests got added onto the mix, and at that point, my family started to rebel...I started to rebel in college when all anyone wanted to hear about were victim stories; they didn't want to hear about how happy you/your family was or how they'd made a little something something for themselves. All they want to talk about is how awful, racist, unfair America is -- and how to put it down. They don't want to hear about how you want to be considered an American.

    Black Americans can't get there? Shit, some whites can't either...nobody is allowed to make America and just be happy and have their little piece/peace...because the Boomers, the people whose parents kinda already had that, say so. Nobody else is allowed nothing unless the Boomers approve of it and "help" the group they put you in...and we all know how their help has been so helpful.

    I know my family would have preferred this country went back to the old standards of making America (it was crappy, it was hard, it was even pretty fucking unfair, but at least there was sort of an end in sight). At least it seemed like some people would at least back off of you and maybe even give you props for standing up and claiming for yourself...instead of this caring, smiley, change the goalposts bullshit.


    *and no, I most definitely do NOT want to go back to the old country -- been there, ok, thanks but no thanks; the overall lifestyle sucks, fucking sucks...dolce vita my ass; some people are nice but overall they are crazy bastards over there; I prefer hanging with (most) Americans, I get them; I like the way they look, act, talk, move about in the world; they don't make me jumpy in their presence -- besides, not exactly as though I'd be welcomed anyway, being American and not purebred and all