Sunday, August 11, 2013

I've Had Enough Education To Say It's Coming Together

I hear America's got more hotshot fucking lawyers than anywhere else in the world, and yet nobody could stop some bullshit built on this:
"When I told you that I’d taken the title from Don Rogers, you immediately said, ‘Let’s Sell These People a Piece of Blue Sky’ — Hubbard’s comment to Rogers about fleecing newcomers, 1950."

You want me to believe Bernie Madoff was a fluke when that's 63 years an obvious con has openly operated? Hell, even out of work lawyers should have a little time they could devote to that. 

Doctors find time for things.

It's becoming hard not to entertain that I may not live in the country I thought I did.

Or even the world.

I thought people were rational.

But at 52, I'm being talked out of it, and in a most humiliating fashion,...

1 comment:

  1. Haha...nah, people are most definitely not rational, nor are they particularly brave either (yes, I do consider myself in that mix -- plenty of times I could have been a better -- more rational, braver -- person).
    Problem is, we used to, as a whole, applaud people acting rationally and/or bravely, or at least standing on their own opinions while willing to consider something better...and we don't now.

    It's all about the glory of "me" and following one's quest in special snowflakedom (which is why we can't see anybody else's pov).