Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Trembling As I Compose This (I Need To Be Held,...)

Look - we can fix this race thing. We've just gotta prepare! Like, whenever minorities get invited to appear on TV and yell, "Y'all's CRAZY!" have a scrolling translation for white folks ready, like this:
"If America’s bipartisan establishment is agreed on something, you can be pretty sure it will be a disaster. That is my reluctant conclusion, after nearly three decades of involvement in politics and journalism, in Washington and New York. 
I say 'reluctant' because I am not a populist by temperament. I respect academic training as well as expertise based on personal experience. I think that institutions are, or should be, less likely to make mistakes than individuals. I detest people who pose as “contrarians” for the sake of controversy. I would happily be an establishmentarian, if there were a U.S. establishment worth belonging to. 
But the track record of what passes for the bipartisan elite in the U.S. in the last generation has been pretty poor. Instead of sober, dispassionate analysis of long-run trends, considered from the perspective of the nonpartisan national interest, the conventional wisdom among America’s movers and shakers has consisted of one hysterical fad after another."

See? Huh? Viola! I'd go from an "Angry Black Man" to a guy who doesn't waste a lot of words.

BTW - if the networks ever decide to call me - better amend that translation to say it's no accident the NewAger's favorite question is "What are you afraid of?"

What's an accident is, whatever we fear, we can find out - fast - at The Drudge Report. 

I'm never getting on TV, am I?


  1. What am I afraid of?

    Stuff like this:

    Would someone please kick Kathleen Parker in the whoo whoo and tell her that having a vagina isn't a prerequisite for "saving the world"...and "saving the world" is probably a very good way to go about really screwing it up.


  2. Hmmm, that top picture looks like the Ahnanerbe at work.

  3. Forget the race thing for a while; I'm just pleasantly surprised that a Democrat/liberal actually admitted to the whole "Kill Bush" fetish!

    As for the rodeo clown: a Secret Service investigation of a rodeo clown? I mean reprimand the guy, fire him maybe, call him a stupid jackass perhaps, but he's a damn rodeo clown...doubtful he's a spy, subversive, or terrorist/would be assassin...he's a damn rodeo clown (which appeared to be Miss/Mrs. Greene's assessment as well -- so of course I'm kinda agreeing with it).