Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Type A Personality Destroys All Broken Down Egos

What I hate most about NewAge is all the lying about what they're up to (they really can't help themselves, they tell so many) here's another one on that well-known "exercise," yoga:
“Here’s the catch, and here’s the reason not to do Ashtanga: That ego of yours is going to get broken down. When I explained on the Shasta retreat all the physical benefits I’d discovered from Ashtanga, I didn’t mention the — how best to put it? — subtle body changes. You know what I’m talking about: 
The desire to avoid eating meat. 
The growing interest in the other seven limbs of Ashtanga, especially the yamas and niyamas. 
Perhaps a toning down of the Type A personality you’ve been fighting all your life. 
A curiosity about that Ram, Sita or Krishna person you keep hearing about. 
A rising desire to visit India. 
I’m sure there are others,...”

I'm sure there are. And why would I be "hearing about" various Indian spiritual deities when we're only harmlessly exercising? Or all of a sudden going to India? 

Uh-huh. Sure.

 What this inarticulate dummy (that's a list of "body changes"?) is describing is really cult indoctrination. To an "open" cult, but still a cult. And the changes aren't always what's expected:

Because yoga ain't exercise,...


  1. Crack, I've been meaning to ask you if you ever met Clyde Stubblefield? My son lives w/ Clyde's niece. I'll be seeing him @ a wedding reception tomorrow.

  2. ndspinelli,

    No, but I sure wish I did - amazing drummer - a true legend.

    If you meet him, please, send my regards and thanks.

  3. I will, Crack. It's not a big wedding so I'll spend some time w/ Clyde. He's a good guy. He likes my son a lot so I have gotten to hang w/ Clyde some. He has bad diabetes and has been on dialysis for a few years. He's on the list for a new kidney. But, he looks good for 70 considering everything. He's got great James Brown stories.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about his health issues and hope he gets the kidney. (I've got a close friend waiting on a liver now - it's brutal). I just posted a documentary with Clyde here, if you have the time.

  5. Thanks, Crack. Interesting documentary. I guess you don't abide Clyde's lawsuit?

  6. Crack, I thought Clyde may have filed a lawsuit against some artists for taking his Funky Drummer solo. However, when you asked, I checked and learned he had not. I have no knowledge of copyright law. As a PI, I've worked many cases involving all types of law, but never copyright. A few patent law cases but that's different. Is there no recourse for Clyde from what you know?