Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Type A Personality Destroys All Broken Down Egos

What I hate most about NewAge is all the lying about what they're up to (they really can't help themselves, they tell so many) here's another one on that well-known "exercise," yoga:
“Here’s the catch, and here’s the reason not to do Ashtanga: That ego of yours is going to get broken down. When I explained on the Shasta retreat all the physical benefits I’d discovered from Ashtanga, I didn’t mention the — how best to put it? — subtle body changes. You know what I’m talking about: 
The desire to avoid eating meat. 
The growing interest in the other seven limbs of Ashtanga, especially the yamas and niyamas. 
Perhaps a toning down of the Type A personality you’ve been fighting all your life. 
A curiosity about that Ram, Sita or Krishna person you keep hearing about. 
A rising desire to visit India. 
I’m sure there are others,...”

I'm sure there are. And why would I be "hearing about" various Indian spiritual deities when we're only harmlessly exercising? Or all of a sudden going to India? 

Uh-huh. Sure.

 What this inarticulate dummy (that's a list of "body changes"?) is describing is really cult indoctrination. To an "open" cult, but still a cult. And the changes aren't always what's expected:

Because yoga ain't exercise,...