Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Slept With Amanda Marcotte? We Want To Know A) Was She Good? And B) How'd You Keep Your Food Down?

That crazy-assed feminist witch, Amanda Marcotte - who I wouldn't know about if I hadn't wasted time with crazy-assed Ann Althouse - has been getting the crazy treatment from Ace of Spades lately:
She literally posits a world in which men are Baby-Crazy and women are all like, "Nah, can't we just do oral?"

Hey, Ace, I say, if that's what feminists think, leave the girls alone to practice - they've earned it.

Just thinking about it is making me horny (because feminists are Ann Althouse's ideal - "sexy")

Sorry - I'm really not doing Ace's work justice here, it's hilarious, so go see him work:

Because - when it comes to crazy - Amanda Marcotte is every bit Ann Althouse's equal.

Don't know about the oral yet, but - knowing these ladies - give it time,...

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