Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She Was A Woman. She Wrecked The Joint. Cheer Her.


I watched Bhutto last night and - once Arianna Huffington showed up - I thought the same thing:
Benazir Bhutto: The Cult 
The documentary about Benazir Bhutto titled Bhutto is nothing short of a silly hagiography. It is only surprising that Tariq Ali agreed to be part of the charade, although his old friendship with her during her time in the UK explains (and justifies) the lapse. To be fair to Ali, he did not shy away from criticizing her second term in office. 
The documentary comes clearly in response to a cult about Bhutto in Western capitals, especially Washington and London. Bhutto was not a remarkable politician and nor were her achievements in office (unless we count her achievements in terms of the damage she has caused in Pakistan and beyond). Western circles are always desperate for a royal family story, and the Bhuttos provide one.
Yep, throw in cultish thinking and we Americans are becoming pretty predictable,...

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