Wednesday, August 14, 2013

White People Don't Even Know What Friendship Means

I just peeked at the #solidarityisforwhitewomen Twitter feed and got hit between the eyes with this:
"#solidarityisforwhitewomen means being able to fight sexism and violence against women without demonizing the men in your community."

Ooooh, Ann Althouse and de white lady feminists ain't gonna like that. They're talking about Rappers and other "losers". And it goes against that rock solid Reynolds Law, too!

Oh, what's we gon' do? What is we gon' do?

I guess, point out how silly Reynolds sounds - here's a theory he just posited, by way of Ed Driscoll:
“I suspect that there is another reason why the press is so fixated on race these days. The left’s agenda is in tatters. Obamacare has crashed on takeoff, after five years of Democratic policies the economy is in the doldrums and we are nearly $17 trillion in debt, and the Obama administration’s foreign policy is is disarray. The Democratic Party, as represented by the press, desperately needs sideshows to 1) rally the party’s faithful, and 2) distract the rest of us from the failures of the liberal agenda. Thus, I don’t think it is a coincidence that liberals are doing their best to portray the summer of 2013 as more or less a replay of 1967. The silliness of the attempt is a measure of how out of ammo liberals are these days.”

Yeah, that's it. It's definitely not that, during a difficult race trial, conservatives showed their traditional lack of empathy for the situation - even causing some of my conservative online friends to virtually back me, as a Zimmerman supporter, into a corner to choose sides - when I'm the guy who's been begging everyone to shut-the-fuck-up about race, and focus on our shared heritage, for years. Under those circumstances, who would you choose:

Blacks, understandably freaking out over another dead kid - or my "friends" making monkey noises?