Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cult Deprogrammer, Rick Ross, Was On A Reality Show!

Smart, compassionate blacks and whites, working together for a damned good cause:

Fewer American douchebags.

Now, how we do this to our whole country - or even just my political party - I'm still trying to figure out,…

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  1. Heh, well, that I'm afraid will be akin to bailing the sea of all its water -- with a colander.
    However, just saying things does help (at least it's something).

    Although don't think for a second this has anything to do with wishing for a world I'd want to live in -- that thing doesn't exist.
    But just saying things may effect a change (it would be nice if there was like a group of people saying things, together...but I don't own or know anyone who owns a radio station...).