Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If You're Going To Be A Predictable White Person, Don't (I Encounter Dumb "Special" Whites In My Day-To-Day.)

I got a letter from another of Lem's racist idiots, this morning, "trying" everything he could "think" of, the poor thing:

I've noticed that - whites today are very good, at disguising yourselves as friendly, while spotting us from a mile away - but why whites keep following blacks, and copying (or stealing) the things we do, is a mystery. 

Talk about white privilege. After 400 years of living in the same damn country together, let's give racist whites a hand for "trying" something the other races have never had to make an effort to master:

Not abusing people. 

All that gun-waving, and talking smack about killing blacks, at Lem's? Means nothing, because "Viking" men - along with colorblindness - have terrible behavior comprehension skills. 

The folks at Lem's are not very good hosts either, considering I was a guest, insulted for no reason. 

I think women and I welcome that comment - especially the women who raised me, saying to kick your racist white ass for them. 

But that comment on The Macho Response is weak - next you'll be telling me I'm trying to start a cult, right? 

Wanna "try" using your brain, rather than merely letting your typing represent one?

Because whites are not stopping themselves - you're "trying" not to be racists - and not very hard. Look at you - you CHOSE to berate me in this comment. You didn't have to - you CHOSE to. You said to yourself, as whites have throughout American history, "I'm going to teach this nigger a lesson" because - somewhere, somehow, in some way, somebody told you - as a white person - that's your right, and duty, and the thing you're supposed to do.

And I'm expected (by your Dead Buddha?) to accept it with good cheer.

Because I'm black, and you're white, and this is America, and fuck all y'all.

Tell me, Howard:

Do you walk up to angry black guys on the street and tell them, face-to-face, how fucked up you think we are? No? But you'll be a coward and do it online - is that because you're a white "Viking"?

And, other than this missive back, any black guys wrote to criticize you - out of the blue - today? No? 

So it's just you "Viking" white guys, roaming around online, thinking your white asses should tell everybody else what's-what. 

That's you - and the folks at Lem's - "trying" really, really hard.

Of course, when someone - who's spent a lot of time with you "trying" - tells you you're racists, then, of course, you can't hear anything over your own howling, pissing, and screaming. Because you're WHITE MEN. 

Not honorable men - you're not even "trying" to be honorable men - you're WHITE MEN. 

Whites in America? Racists? Please. Everybody else is crazy. After 400 years, it's still the black guy's fighting you because whites have always said whites are perfect in every way and, by golly, they believe it. 

Blacks don't know how you abuse us - not smart enough. It's all a scam. You know, the kind American culture thrives on. 

Sure. And our nuts fill up at the thought of you. 

I don't "fit in so well with the Lem crowd", moron, in case you forgot

 That's why your dumb white ass wrote in the first place,…

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  1. My closest black friend, if he was whinging like you, yeah, I would tell him to his face to sack up. You just blame your major malfunction on being black. The blacks I knew in the service, the blacks I worked with in Atlanta and the few black friends and acquaintances I have here in NorCal don't blame everything on slavery and their oppression.

    That said, I am glad I'm not black. I don't need the extra stress. I also agree with you that us whites have no idea how much more difficult life is for the black man in America. You seem to be just recently discovering that all of your tea-bagging chickenhawk buddies are really racist nutjobs and now you feel burned just like your ex-wife. Apparently you don't handle rejection well.

    In any event, if you want everyone everywhere around you to be walking on eggshells 24/7, I suggest you go back to your ex-wife's new-age cult friends where they will be happy to accommodate your sensitive aura.

    You are right. My mistake. I thought you could be treated like a man. Obviously not working. Perhaps your child-like worldview is what makes the visual art you cobble together so raw, original and appealing.

    I do have to say, thanks for turning me on to Mingus. Us poor white guys have no clue about real music. I'll always think of you when I listen to The Clown.