Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whites Outnumber Blacks (So We Must Outthink You)

It's bad enough whites know the numbers. But, what's even worse is, whites act on the numbers. They have the nerve to get mad at complaints, harass and make jokes, and even point fingers, when any fool can see the entire game is, was, and forever will be rigged for them:

Why pretend otherwise? Or keep listening to people, who depend on you thinking otherwise, when it's not reality? When it hurts other people? Reality is not whites being put-upon, but everyone else needing a little breathing space from an overwhelming white influence for a change. 

This country has been through centuries of brainwashing, hiding lies none of us knew were there, protecting interests that, today, are not our own. It has to stop. And part of that is white people accepting their own role in it. Accepting there's racism, today, but denying it's hurt anyone is continuing the legacy of lies. Blacks feel pain like anybody else.

This country's ghettos are the direct result of slavery, and whites in America should be committed to setting blacks free. Not on white's  terms, but period. Blacks deserve to be paid our worth as slaves. There's no other way to come to terms with a country, so frivolous, it'd abandon settling such an important national mandate in the first place. 

The psychological burden, that 72% of the country exerts on 12%, always on guard, wondering if we're stealing, or just what we're up to - that's worthy of compensation, alone, because it's not a real life. Whites aren't born permanent suspects, and they don't know, and clearly don't care, how many of the black men in their prisons are there merely because there's so many white people - not a single one racist - insisting they're up to something, so the result was almost inevitable.  Looking at the numbers.

I know, we black people are a lot of things.

But, I guarantee you, one of them ain't stupid:

This country owes us - BIG TIME - because we've been forced to know this nation, and the rest of it's inhabitants, better than anybody else.

Better, sometimes, than they know themselves.

We can thank our forefathers for that, too.

Their attempts to deceive, so whites will forget, will forever go down in history as one of America's greatest - and costliest - mistakes,..


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