Friday, January 31, 2014

White Americans: Not So Hot After Slavery & Jim Crow

This is a crime of such epic magnitude, it's hard to fathom:

White wealth and black poverty was an intentional decision by white elites and policy makers from the founding of the United States until the end of Jim and Jane Crow. The destruction of inter-generational wealth for people of color, and the literal transfer of land, labor, cash, and capital to whites, was the nation's stated public policy. It was not an accident. American Apartheid was a system of racial exploitation by white society with the goal of economically marginalizing and oppressing people of color.

Those who have access to these networks are not "better at life", to borrow from the NFL player Richard Sherman, because of biology or breeding. Rather, they have access to opportunities that accrue material and social advantages over the course of a lifetime, advantages which can then be passed down to one's children, kin, and friends.

And what are truly the greatest Americans this country has ever produced is forced to live under them,…

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