Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TMR: Saving The White Race, One Idiot Racist At A Time

Some racist white reader's comments can crack me the fuck up:

Let's see if we can break this down, together, shall we? 

 Howard acknowledges that being black in this environment - in itself - is (in his words) "extra stress". 

But, if Howard's "closest black friend" opened up to him about the "extra stress" - because it came, specifically, from "slavery and their oppression" - Howard would "tell him to his face to suck it up."

And people like Howard are wondering why Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, never heard a word, either. It never occurs to them that, while having a "closest black friend", they're not so close to be considered the type of white people blacks speak openly or honestly to - they're just a bunch of weirdo racists.

 Honest question, Howard:

Considering what you just wrote, do you honestly think your "closest black friend" needs you for a friend?

I can tell Howard's not enjoying this process - going for the San Francisco ex-wife burn, like he was there - and, notice, he does that while, at the same time, admitting he seems to be learning something from what I'm doing for him. Is that gratitude or what?

(Money, Howard, the word is money.) 

And, I guess, I'll take this time to remind you I walked away from the Tea Party crowd over Mitt Romney - not the other way around. So, if anybody can't handle rejection, it's Whitey, Inc., of which you are a member.

See, Howard, now you're getting interesting because you've cracked open the point of this blog - cultism. And you did it all by your lonesome, though (being a racist) you got the power structure backwards, as usual: 

You - the whites - are my "ex-wife's new-age cult friends" demanding "everyone everywhere around you to be walking on eggshells 24/7". And you won't give it up - you're arguing for it right here. You'll even try to pose like you're the injured party. It's pathetic, considering. Especially you, thinking I'd go for it. 

Ooooh. And men don't fight for their rights against you? 

Do you think racist white men even know what that word means? I'm serious. With the value system you've been raised in - that's produced this horror for others - can you call yourselves "Men" as the rest of us understand the term? Based on what? Slavery? Jim Crow? Public lynchings with a picnic basket and the family in tow? All-white, racist juries for hundreds of years, trying your fellow citizens who you now claim shouldn't fight for anything YOU don't agree with? Stolen wealth? C'mon, "Man", lecture me on the integrity you're so sure I lack, for daring to question the likes of you, who the world now looks down upon.

 Does this guy sound like a former slave owner or what? 

"The negro has a child-like worldview that makes the art he 'cobbles together' raw, original and appealing." 

Jesus Christ, man, you are a walking well of disgusting ideas.

Um, that would be my Step-Father, and - if he was still alive - he'd be proud of me and telling you to kiss his black ass:

Jerome Richardson says Mingus was aware of what was going in regards to race and never backed down from it. John Handy says he did what most others could not, mainly because he was conscious of the race issue.

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