Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lem's Comment Home Update: "Duck Dynasty" Never Mentioned Blacks, So Lem's Doesn't See Them, Either

Dust Bunny Queen (another loyal, gun-toting member of the racist Lem's Comment Home) sums up the Duck Dynasty controversy in a post showing concern for the show's well-being - just as those wonderful non-racists have been really, really concerned about how blacks can move forward after this catastrophe what happens to white South Africans after they abused blacks for hundreds of years:

Notice anything missing, "cognitive dissonance" fans? 

How about Phil Robertson's comments on "happy" blacks - which were regularly deemed even more cock-eyed than his gay comments?

DBQ, Lem (who made the post) and the rest of the gang, totally blocked the black comments out. You know, like the Comment Home's hero, Martin Luther King, would've done. Like they've done King's "War On Poverty", racist whites have compartmentalized Robertson's black comments, so thoroughly, for all intents and purposes, they no longer exist to them.

This is how history - even history as recent as this - gets so messed up by a white majority, they no longer recognize it. And then, they accuse everyone of lying, and railroading them - which they, then, have to avenge, so the cycle of white violence and discrimination is repeated, because whites can't stand hearing the truth about themselves.

And, Ladies and Gentlemen, blacks are expected to LIVE with these nutjobs.

White racists are walking mental issues on display:

Blacks, at least, have a decent explanation for ours,…


  1. They think the only good black is an invisible one. They don't see black people unless black people get in their way.


  2. I love the denials. "Who me? I don't even know what Duck Dynasty was all about!" the think yo jus fell of the turnip truck. To think some Republican dope brought him to the SOTU speech last night. Nice contrast to the President's guest, huh?


  3. It didn't slip notice that not one of these fine folks ever mentioned even knowing anything about Duck Dynasty until this whole thing blew up (or if they did they made sure to mention that it wasn't their cup of tea). Now all of a sudden they appear to be the show's biggest fans.

    Again, I have to ask: which is it?

    I've stated before, and I'll state again: there's a whole lot of stuff that could be unpacked out of that one little comment.