Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lem's Comment Home Update: Haz Is Jumping The Gun

 Are you ready to laugh? I'm ready to laugh - Go, Michael Haz, Go:

I swear to God, he thinks he's wearing an ascot. Michael Haz sounds like he wants to be - silk robe, maybe a brandy snifter in hand? Sitting in a FUCKED-UP library. C'mon - he identifies with South Africa whites:

He thinks it's his balls, but this guy's head is HUGE. 

As a frequent target of Lem's Comment Home (as opposed to just "a casual visitor") Haz's new claim to "the high level of writing" is about as convincing as Haz's old claim Lem's isn't a haven for contemporary "colorblind" Right-Wing racist attitudes. I mean, in his first sentence, he opened and closed with the word, "blog". 

That ain't Hemingway, Folks. 

But that ability-he's-lacking has Mr. Haz mesmerized. So much so, he can "muse for a few moments" at a time over it - and even imagines we could, too - without ever catching a whiff there's anything obviously wrong. As a matter of fact, just the opposite - he's impressed!

 I imagine he's been there before.

And - still speaking as a target of Lem's Comment Home - what a weird time to want the exposure of a book:

In a recent post that grew to 429 comments, specifically calling me out, Michael Haz shamed himself so completely that (along with another racist, named "Sixty Grit") he deleted his every racist word in the thread while continuing to blame someone black for his ugly actions. 

He can't help himself, you see. We bring out the worst in him. 

BTW - What he deleted were his open admissions that, yes, he was proud to be a Certified Racist™. 

Unfortunately, since There Have Been No Advances In Lying Technology beyond people willing to tell the truth, I guess we'll never know who's lying because that nest of vipers, with their situational ethics, won't admit anything (yes, I should've taken a screen shot, but I'm not the one trying to be an asshole). Oh - there is a way - I quoted him in the thread:

We're well aware, future ruler of Oprah's Book Club

But, if you mean "all kinds of stuff" also includes hiding from the truth, then yeah, I know you've got a point. 

Then your deletions make as much sense as your delusions. You're "liberated" - again, not me, you - to the strains of Ted Nugent. 

Dream, Michael Haz, and then delete - providing (and confirming) a psychological profile of a racist, so clear, it exposes your ultimate truth to us all. The ultimate truth that you can't even start to admit to yourself -  or the rest of the Lem's gang - but one that any fool could see:

This proposal is Lem's Comment Home's cry for help. 

Because what you need isn't a book - but an editor,...


  1. I see you included a picture of an African who has been mutilated by another African. They are savages, especially the muslims.

  2. Are the evils Americans have been visiting upon other Americans excused because "savages" (a dubious concept considering white racism) did something as well?

  3. I know! I LOL'd until I almost peed my pants. The talented "writers, artists and musicians" boggles the mind. So much talent in one obscure bog! What they excell is self congratulatory bullying and racism. Haz tries to come across as some sort of even handed Christian. He is every bit the dirtbag follower of Trooper York as the rest of the Lemmings. Sixty Grit is a sick man. One has to wonder why someone hasn't put him down yet like the rabid dog he is. Same thing goes for Shouting Thomas the yodeler.

    The real talent has left that place. All they have left is the small group of dull boring followers. Notice how the all the comments threads usually have less than 20 comments in a day, unless it's a thread with some controversy, or someone being bullied? Actuall most of the interesting commenters are back at Althouse. She's getting a lot of traffic these days. You should go back over there Crack, your input is always interesting.

  4. Seems like that place has gone the way of some other notable "conservative" sites -- well, it was only a matter of time; the handwriting was on the wall for quite a while.

    The ascot imagery is a nice touch, very appropriate.

    For myself, I just love it when they have threads featuring "gun o' the day" (that's always a truly humorous one for me).