Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Paranoid "Exit Plan" Makes The Rounds Of Racists

When you've been talked into politics that suck, you can't win an election, and you've got no where to turn, where do you go?

 No - TMR, Dummy: 

 The delusions of those two Nutty Pre-Preppers are how you got into this mess in the first place.

They're playing Lem like a fiddle,…


  1. Well, its something to look forward to.
    When all the alternatives,
    from God to Galt, welfare to work, have failed.

  2. No, there's always rationality, Lem. You don't have to play into this nonsense they're selling - because it IS nonsense:

    How many bad calls have they made now?

    Romney. Government Shutdown - they've even blown ObamaCare.

    And what will they do next? Drag your lazy ass to the next "emergency" they predict with no credibility.

    C'mon, Lem, where's The Knockout Game that's sweeping the nation?

    These losers are cleaning your political clock,...

  3. Lem, break free man. You can do it, run off that plantation and never look back. All those people on your blog are not your friends, they are using you to attack people they hate. They made your blog onto something nasty and ugly. Why did Freeman Hunt leave, why doesn't PattyO hardly ever comment? Why do you let them trat Meade so badly? They were good to you over on Althouse. Why is it that all of Trooper York's people are your co bloggers now except Deborah who still has some independent thought and decency. Damn Lem, man up!

  4. The preppers I've seen have a horrific ignorance of how survival really works.
    Any exit plan they'd likely propose is one that would get you in a hell of a mess if something really went down...just an observation.

    I could see them actually starting and feeding a fire though that could cause a world of hurt -- why, I do not know, but I guess it might have something or other to do with self-fulfilling prophecies and the like.
    Or maybe it's just that they're nuts.