Thursday, January 30, 2014

Those Without Integrity Should Not Stand On Principle

This bozo always looks spooked nowadays. Good:

Chase him around, poking him with a stick, until he gets the point:

It was YOU, Dummy,...


  1. It must say something about Obama that a junior senator shut down "his" government.

    Or is Obama only president when it's convenient?

  2. Obama is the one saying "my administration this, my administration that".

    How did a junior senator shut him down?

    inconvenient narrative.

  3. Are you really playing that game?

    I remember when the Republicans were planning this over the previous year - are you denying that?

    Then why lie? What good does lying - as you're doing now - do you?

    What are these idiots doing to you?

    Then again, Lem, I'm starting to think I've given you too much credit,...

  4. What a little follower Lem turned out to be. Yes Crack I think our little Lem isn't all that bright. If he can't see what Trooper York and Sixty Grit and Haz has done to his blog, he either is just an obedient house boy or he is as racist as they are, which would be strange and self defeating, considering he is a person of color himself.