Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Of These Men Is A Thug (The Other One Is Black)

Can you tell which?

Here, I'll make it easier:

After proving it, one of these men openly declared he's the best in his field - but caught Hell from racists for saying it - while the other threatened an innocent person with ruthless violence and won accolades.

So - which is the Tea Party member?


  1. I didn't know the tea party stood for the saving of souls... which even after concluding that "we have all fallen short", Sherman himself became apoplectic? when compared to other players.

    "I'm going to Crush you"

  2. I don't think it's helpful to compare peoples behavior along racial lines.

    I could be wrong, but, I thought we were trying to get away from that.

  3. I noticed some time back that an NHL fight is cheered, a reason for the game itself, whereas an NBA fight was cause for soul-searching and commentary about how our society's lack of standards that are being lowered every day. This is part racism and should be called out in a way that raises the disparity without accusing anyone of hatred or racism.

    I looked down on Sherman because I live in Denver and am a Bronco's fan number one, and number two I hold him to the same expectations as other NFL players not on my team. If Sherman was on my team I would defend him because he was on my team, not his race. Since he is not a Bronco, I use his actions as a reason to dislike him and his team in favor of my team.

    What I know is Crack is racist because he doesn't have any consistency except defending blacks and accusing whites (and all humans are racist). There might be great cause for Crack's racism, humans being human after all, but it is racism nonetheless-toxic and best avoided.

    Treating blacks as superior to whites based on their race is stupid and evil and dehumanizing. The idea it is a good response to racism, invented or real, is about as dumb of thing I've ever heard. Per MLK, you must be blind from your eye-for-an-eye* philosophy.

    You feed the angry wolf of your soul Crack and explode from hate as far as I am concerned. You have abused people trying to help you (I am not trying to help you I am here to argue and win like every other place I write) and in essence raped their kindness. You did it because you feel superior to whites based on their race.

    *actually you can fight fire with fire by burning excess debris and flammables from areas near the fire so when the main flame arrives it doesn't have as much fuel.

  4. What bullshit from that Buckley person. The angry wolf of his soul just shat that out.

    Yes it's damn clear the thuggish congresscritter is the real thug. Probably a racist too.

    Lem, those people are not your friends.