Friday, January 31, 2014

Firing Line Friday: William F. Buckley Speaks To Blacks


  1. Time can pass and time can heal, but it don't ever pass, the way I feel.

    You went away a long time ago, and why you left I never knew.

    Through lonely days and lonely nights, I guess the world knows I ain't feeling right.

    And why you left I never knew.

    I hope you're out and happy now,

  2. And when you're gone the hours pass so slow.


    Racist scale 1 yes and not even micro to 10 Kill Whitey?

    If music ain't sacred ain't nuttin' Crack.

  4. Godfrey Cambridge was well educated and highly successful, yet his parents were from British Guiana--a colony with a sordid history of plantation slavery and a sordid future as the site of an infamous cult.

    Not really a good spokesperson for Crackery. You'd better stick w/ WSHH videos.

  5. Interesting:

    Godfrey Cambridge was from somewhere slavery existed and a cult leader murdered black people.

    And these make Cambridge a bad black spokesmen, why?

  6. Seriously, Chip, that's one of the dumbest comments you've ever made.

    And you're really dumb,...

  7. Oh, I see...I have to spell everything out for you in the simplest possible terms.

    OK, but just this once. After this you'll have to figure shit out for yourself.

    Godfrey Cambridge was an excellent spokesman for the cause of African-Americans. His carefully thought, clearly stated, and persuasive arguments stand in stark contrast to your lunacy. That makes him a poor spokesman for you. Every aspect of his life, career, and argumentative skill stands in reproof of you and the derangement manifest in this blog.

    Your unending cry is that African-Americans are the continuing victims of the US's racist past. They get shitty education b/c whites deny it to them out of spite or fear, b/c Thomas Jefferson showed them the way. Talented blacks are passed over by white businesses in favor of incompetent whites. The billions in lost profits due to this racist hiring strategy are more than fully offset by payments from the vast store of wealth handed down from John C. Calhoun and Nathan Bedford Forrest and Scarlett O'Hara to every single white person in the US today. Reparations must be paid! Attention, too. Especially attention. One little "I feel so bad" from the rich celebrity scion of an actual slavery-derived fortune and you absolutely swoon w/ gratitude.

    I pity you. Apparently you were something of a presence in the SF music scene a few decades ago, and now you fill your days posting nonstop on an obscure blog that some of your former e-migos occasionally look at just to see if you've regained your senses.

    And they leave disappointed and saddened.

  8. Except you were never really his e-migos. If you had been you never would've treated him the way you did. Your group has a history of abusing those who stand up to you fools.

  9. What a condescending fucker you are Chipster.