Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If This ISN'T True, Then, Why Did Mike Have To Fight To Get On MTV (Long After Whites Said Racism Was Over)?

What's the message blacks are, currently, getting from our home?

I know - I've heard Althouse's "belly-aching" argument before:

And America still wants a pat on the back for "coming so far",…

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  1. I had to find out who Macklemore is after clicking your link....I'm not a rap or hip hop fan even though I listened to Grandmaster Flash when they arrived long ago, and I could see something new was on the way and that they had something to say and an audience that needed to hear it.

    I don't fault Macklemore for being a young fool who got lucky but it's sad those who he's trying to imitate got passed over. If he's really lucky he'll self destruct like Vanilla Ice and figure out a way to have a real life. Damn, at least Vanilla Ice could dance.